The most beautiful tourist areas in Italy

Italy, with its beaches, mountains, lakes, spas and art cities, is rich in cultural heritage and natural resources and well worth of its reputation as the Bel Paese.
Italy is surrounded by sea on three sides and has different types of coasts, sandy and rocky beaches, green and lush or barren, with state of the art beach resorts or completely free and unspoilt. From the Amalfi Coast to the Emerald Coast, from the Gargano promontory to the fully equipped Romagna Riviera, discover with us all the beauties of Italy’s beaches.
Those who prefer mountains will be spoilt for choice between the Alps, the Dolomites, the Apennines, and mountain resorts scattered along the country for all year round holidays.
Generally located in mountainous regions, Italy’s lakes are a great natural heritage, noteworthy for their scenic beauty and unique ecosystems.
Among the many natural resources worthy of mention are the thermal and medicinal water springs located throughout the country. With a long tradition, as old as our civilizations, Italian spas take advantage of the beneficial effects of thermal waters in order to offer “paths to wellness” and provide health and beauty treatments.
And finally the wonderful art cities of this diverse country so rich in resources, art, architecture and nature.