Hotels Bellaria, Guesthouses Bellaria and Inns Bellaria

An ancient farm and fishing village, Bellaria di Rimini revolves around the sea and is lapped by the quiet waters of the Adriatic Sea which brings life and wellbeing. The beaches of Bellaria di Rimini, which boast a hundred-year-old tradition as tourist destinations, are the pivotal points of the vast coastline and attract large numbers of tourists staying at comfortable hotels in Bellaria.
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Hotels in Bellaria offer both young people, families with children and elderly people the possibility to spend pleasant holidays here while enjoying high-quality services and facilities and the traditional warm hospitality from Romagna.

The numerous bathing establishments are equipped to suit the needs of the lovers of suntan looking for both sports opportunities and relaxing moments. Bellaria is an alluring historic and cultural town where it is possible to walk or cycle across numerous parks up to the Borgata Vecchia, the ancient Saracen Tower or the shores of the quiet Lake Gelso. Hotels in Bellaria offer tourists traditional specialities from Romagna, as well as the flavours and colours of its fascinating tradition.