Your holidays in Liguria: all you need to know for your next stay

Situated just across the border with France, Liguria is characterized by a mountainous and hilly landscape which slopes down to the sea.
The Riviera Ligure, an highly appreciated seaside resort, is one of the most picturesque attractions of the region. Traditionally divided into Riviera Ponente, the western coastline, and Riviera Levante, situated east of Genoa, it extends for more than 300 kilometres and is peppered with enchanting seaside resorts.

The Cinque Terre, a stretch of rocky coastline whose name refers to five self-contained small resorts, harbours and villages that seem to dramatically cling to the very edge of vertiginous cliffs, make the ideal base for spending pleasant seaside holidays while discovering ancient traditions.
The region also hosts glamorous resorts, such as Portofino, where tourists can walk down the narrow streets of the city centre while enjoying beautiful boutiques or drinking tasty cocktails in the elegant clubs situated in the main square and around the harbour. Portovenere, a lovely seaside resort and appreciated historic city, was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the Cinque Terre.

Not to be missed is the enchanting regional capital, Genoa, an ancient Seafaring Republic whose ancient old town is a maze of narrow and shady medieval streets called "carruggi". Classical and Neoclassical buildings, small squares and enchanting churches which mirror the influence of Middle-Eastern cultures are able to attract large numbers of cultural tourists.
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