Castrocaro Terme

Are you planning to spend a thermal holiday in Castrocaro Terme? Display the list of hotels in Castrocaro Terme to arrange your stay here.

Natural therapies, hydrotherapy and beauty treatments: Castrocaro Terme offers guests a wide range of wellbeing packages. It also offers targeted treatments for both adults and children thanks to the inestimable heritage of curative thermal springs it cherishes.

Castrocaro Terme is situated just in the heart of Montone and Acquacheta Valley and has developed as a small and welcoming spa resort since the end of 1800. Numerous hotels in Castrocaro offer special wellbeing packages including beauty treatments and therapies.

Castrocaro Terme is rich in waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide and in sulphur waters providing beneficial effects. Both typologies are employed to treat and prevent rheumatism, pneumonia, otorhinolaryngological affections, circulation disorders, gastroenteritis and gynaecological problems.

Skilled medical doctors will help guests choose the treatments which suit their requirements the most and will look after them to ensure utmost effectiveness.

Hydrotherapy in Castrocaro Terme takes advantage of muds, clay and waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide to carry out inhalations and both anti-inflammatory and anti-edemigenous massages aimed at improving circulation and at disinfecting.

The vascular path, which consists of three basins filled with water containg sodium chloride, bromide and iodide having different temperatures, stimulates circulation and oxygenates tissues. Not to be missed are the Sauna, Turkish bath, Scottish shower and a wide range of further beauty and cosmetic treatments.