Abano Terme

Do you want to spend a pleasant stay in Abano Terme? Here is a list of the best hotels Abano Terme which offer guests the possibility to undergo hydrotherapy.

Spas, sulphur springs and waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide flowing out from the basins of the Prealps boast a millenary tradition.

Mud-bath treatment is one of the most appreciated therapies in Abano Terme, since it exploits the beneficial effects carried out by muds extracted from the Euganean Hills. Water temperature and chemical composition are especially suitable to carry out such a therapy.

The therapies carried out in Abano Terme are particularly suitable to treat and prevent osteoporosis, rheumatism, gout, metabolic rheumatism and traumatic injuries and to bring relief after fractures and orthopaedic surgery.
They are also employed to treat respiratory diseases.

Therapies and treatments in Abano Terme are carried out inside equipped hotels provided with qualified thermal centres which are able to provide high-quality services and professional medical treatment.

Numerous thermal swimming pools are situated both outdoor and indoor, thus allowing guests to undergo hydrotherapy in winter too.

High-quality services and hydrotherapy are provided in the intimate atmosphere of charming environments which let guests enjoy the exclusiveness which permeates the city, that is rich in glamorous restaurants, clubs and boutiques.