Cervinia, or Breuil (its French name), rises 2003 metres above sea level along the northern border of the municipality of Valtournenche, Valle d’Aosta, on the slopes of Mount Cervino. This impressive mountain range, whose highest peak rises 4478 metri above sea level, is crossed by the boundary between Italy and Switzerland.

The ski district which includes Cervinia, the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, is connected with the famous Zermatt facilities, which are situated on the Swiss slope of Mount Cervino, and the well-equipped Valtournenche facilities, thus including over 200 kilometres of slopes. The high Swiss mountains and the well-equipped slopes of the glacier of Plateau Rosà give tourists the possibility to ski even in summer, thus making Cervinia one of the most aprreciated winter resorts in the Alps. A short distance from the slopes of Plateau Rosà is an exciting snow park which gathers large numbers of enthusiast snowboarders all year round.
The lovers of cross-country skiing who flock to Valtournenche can take advantage of a  10-kilometre-long slope, while in Cervinia the 3-kilometre-long trail develops around the Cervino golf course, an historical golf club which has recently been enlarged and is now provided with 18 holes, which in summer turns into the traditional gathering place of large numbers of Italian and foreign golfers.

Apart from skiing, Cervinia also gives tourists the possibility to play plenty of both summer and winter sports activities, such as sports fishing in the so-called Baia delle Foche in Avouil, horse riding, mountain biking and trekking along fascinating footpaths. Among the most interesting itineraries are the charming excursion to Lake Blu, a picturesque lake nestling on the slopes of Mount Cervino which is situated one kilometre far from the city centre, and the tour to Grotta di Ghiaccio (Iced Cave) of the so-called Piccolo Cervino, an outstanding gallery gathering iimpressive ice sculptures, modern lighting and classical music which is situated 4000 metres above sea level and is easily accessible through dedicated ski-lift facilities or on foot.

The most daring ones will have the opportunity to perform extreme sports activities, such as paragliding from the Plateau Rosà, while the numerous waterways which cross the territory of Cervinia are the ideal destination for those interested in experiencing rafting.
The top of Mount Cervino is served by several routes with fixed ropes and iron steps. Among these, Via Normale Svizzera and Via Normale Italiana, which were crossed for the first time in 1965, and the so-called Cresta di Zmutt, a fascinating itinerary featuring a high difficulty level. Skilled skiers and climbers will have the opportunity to explore the slopes of  the surrounding area while taking advantage of comfortable mountain shelters.