Your holidays in Piemonte: all you need to know for your next stay

A fascinating region, Piedmont boasts outstanding landscapes and unspoiled natural beauties. Beautiful national and regional parks, intimate valleys situated on the slopes of the Alps, sweet vineyard-clad hills, enchanting lakes, delightful artistic cities, small villages and impressive castles are traditional tourist meccas and give tourists the possibility to discover the history, traditions and natural beauties of the region.

Turin, the ancient capital of Italy and former residence of the Savoy Family, bears witness to the vicissitudes experienced by the Lords who marked the history of the country. Exquisite buildings, royal residences and sumptuous churches are privileged holiday destinations for cultural tourists, and give them the possibility to discover a fascinating history which marked a whole era. The squares, arcades and famous cafés of the city centre, which were highly appreciated during the Risorgimento, testify to the sober and elegant style of the city. Museums worthy of note are the Egyptian Museum, the Sabauda Gallery, the Royal Library and the Duomo, which is home to the famous Turin Shroud.

The parks of Gran Paradiso and Val Grande are Piedmont's most important national parks, traditional tourist meccas characterized by a lush vegetation which give tourists the possibility to make beautiful excursions, go trekking and take part in absorbing guided tours.

The lakes, surrounded by lovely towns, are pervaded with a fascinating atmosphere and give tourists the opportunity to spend wonderful holidays in Piedmont. The Alps gather wonderful winter resorts nestling on the slopes of the highest mountains.

Mount Rosa, situated just across the border with Valle d'Aosta, is covered in snow during winter and carpeted with exquisite Alpine plants and green meadows in summer, thus giving tourists the possibility to play different sports activities all year round.
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