Amusement parks in the Romagna Riviera for an unforgettable vacation

For those who still haven’t heard, the Romagna Riviera has been renamed the Amusement Park Riviera. This is because in Romagna, amusement parks and theme parks are so many that often they are the main reason for selecting a Romagna vacation.
There is something for every taste and age, but really because each one is so unique, the best way is to try them all!
In Mirabilandia young people stand in line to get the adrenaline rush suspended from rides up in the sky or launched at high speeds by one of the extreme attractions. On second glance there are also lots of families with children safely enjoying age appropriate rides or relaxing in the sun at the beautiful beach in the amusement park with beach lounges and umbrellas. Parents, with the excuse of taking their kids to have fun, end up having more fun then the children!
The same can be said for the Aquafan water park, one of the first parks of its type in Italy, and certainly among the most well known in Europe. In addition to water rides, the steep drops, and the attractions for the younger guests, Aquafan is known for its intense nightlife that is concentrated in its famous open air disco, the Walky cup.
If you want fun for the very young, Fiabilandia [Fairytale land] is the ideal place with Merlin the Magician in his fairy tale castle to welcome everyone, you can alternate the rides with a wonderful picnic in the lush landscape or in the refreshment areas where you will be able to take a break and spend an enjoyable day
If on the other hand, you want to add an educational aspect to your children’s entertainment, the choice is between Italia in Miniatura [Italy in Miniature], Acquario in Cattolica [Aquarium in Cattolica] and Oltremare. Each of these theme parks will allow you and your children to discover so many interesting things starting with the magnificent architecture of the most beautiful places in Italy, and ending with the marvels of the sea and the planet earth.
For an unusual experience, the San Marino Adventures park will provide enjoyable fun times and test your strength and balance with a path suspended between trees, always ensuring full safety and the possibility to allow even the youngest children to participate with paths just for them.