Levico Terme

Do you want to spend a thermal holiday in Levico Terme? Select one of the hotels Levico Terme we suggest to plan your holiday in the best possible way.

Levico Terme boasts a long thermal tradition due to the expertise and professional competences it has developed throughout the years and the beneficial effects carried out by its waters which flow out from natural caves situated more than 1500 metres above sea level.
Hydrotherapy in Levico Terme exploits the beneficial effects carried out by its arsenic-chalybeate waters to treat rheumatism, thyroid problems, skin affections and gynaecologic disorders.

Among the most interesting therapies in Levico Terme is balneotherapy, which is widely employed to treat anxiety. Such treatment exploits the antioxidant properties of thermal waters and their beneficial sedative effect.
Hydrotherapy in Levico Terme is also suitable to treat respiratory diseases thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects carried out by the sulphuric and phosphoric ions its waters abound in.

To stay in Levico Terme is the ideal solution to undergo hydrotherapy and enjoy the beneficial properties carried out by its waters rich in nickel, zinc, copper, cobalt and manganese.
Therapies are carried out by qualified medical doctors and are constantly monitored through a targeted medical treatment.

To spend a holiday in Levico Terme is an outstanding opportunity to improve psychophysical wellbeing and to regenerate both body and mind.