Hotels Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are five small and charming self-contained villages situated along the coastal strip which connects Punta Mesco with Punta di Montenero, south of the Gulf of La Spezia. These ancient farming and fishing villages which seem to dramatically cling to the very edge of vertiginous cliffs boast small and picturesque harbours cherished by intimate coves.

The Cinque Terre are a real paradise where man-made delights and outstanding natural beauties merge in pleasant harmony, and the rough and indented rocky coastline is dramatically offset by a beguiling, translucent sea. Extensive public works were carried out here in order to build berths, which are aimed at mooring fishing vessels, and terraced vineyards, olive groves and orchards.

The best way to visit these alluring villages, which were all included in the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and to enjoy their breathtaking sceneries is by boat or by train.

Travelling from east to west, the journey across the Cinque Terre starts in Riomaggiore, an ancient farming village dating back to the 8th century. Mooring in its small harbour, tourists can enjoy an outstanding view over its small centre lying on a sweet slope, or gaze across the countryside from on high, reaching Colle Cerricò and the castle which tops it.

The second town heading west into the Cinque Terre is Manarola, which is linked to Riomaggiore by the famous “Lover's Lane", a fascinating footpath hollowed out by the rock.

Manarola welcomes visitors in its small Medieval village. Situated on the top of an impressive gorge developing between two impressive rock spurs, the centre of Manarola snakes along the main street where most houses stand.

Corniglia is the third of the Cinque Terre one meets coming from east and also the smallest one. Unlike the other localities, it is not directly adjacent to the sea. Instead, it is perched at the pinnacle of rocky terraces. To reach its charming city centre overlooking the underlying coast, it is necessary to climb a long brick flight of steps from Manarola or otherwise follow the beautiful scenic route which connects it with Vernazza amidst sweet hills and the sea.

Vernazza welcomes visitors with its equipped harbour situated just in the heart of a natural amphitheatre. One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Vernazza boasts a charming square around which the city centre develops up to the promontory overlooking the sea.

The most densely populated among the Cinque Terre, Monte Rosso is a farming village where the fine Sciachetrà raisin white wine is produced. It hosts more inhabitants since it is situated just in the heart of a wide natural bay rich in pebbly beaches, the ideal destination for those looking for pleasant seaside holidays in the Cinque Terre.