A dip into the deep seas at Oltremare in Riccione.

2019 Season:
The park stays open from April 6th to September 15th from 10 am to 6 pm
On 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th September, every Sunday in October and from 3st October to 3th November, it opens from 10 am to 6 pm
On December 8th and from December 26th to January 6th it opens from 10am to 6pm

2019 Prices:
Full price: € 27
Reduced from 100 cm to 140 cm in height: € 21
Over 65: € 21
Disabled and accompanying person: € 21
Children under 1m in height: Free

Riccione’s Oltremare was inaugurated in 2004 with the goal of combining astonishment, entertainment and knowledge about our Planet and our Seas, by providing visitors with an unforgettable journey through time and space while they meet many animals and learn new things. Those spending their holidays in Riccione can easily reach Oltremare by bus and car. The park is located near the A14 motorway exit next to the amusement park Aquafan.
Oltremare occupies an area of 110,000 square meters, entirely dedicated to our environmental heritage. oltremare.jpgSpecial attention is given to the animal species and vegetation of the Adriatic Sea and its shores. In addition to Oltremare, visitors can also visit the new IMAX cinema with its spectacular 3D and 4D projections reproducing far away or no longer existent natural environments.

Every year, nearly 1 million people visit Oltremare, which is open from early April to early November. This is the ideal place to have fun with the entire family, enjoying fabulous and entertaining dolphin shows, observing and admiring farm animals, and watching exciting movies in the adjacent IMAX cinema, while at the same time learning about the environment and how to protect it.  

Oltremare’s journey through time takes place inside a mysterious glass and steel dome where visitors can experience what the earth was like during the Cretaceous Period. Special visual and sound effects reproduce streams of lava and geysers, as well as an immense prehistoric forest with rock-cut caves, dinosaur skeletons and prehistoric bird nests. Tanks and glass cases host animals that have been around for a very long time and still exist today: Mississippi alligators, giant cockroaches, Malawi cichlids, Bearded dragons, and many strange and unknown plants. 

One of the main attractions is the dolphin lagoon, home to eleven Bottlenose dolphins that perform routines and games for the public twice a day, at 11:40 a.m. and at 4:40 p.m. 
oltremare2.jpgHundreds of sea horses, leafy and weedy sea dragons, needlefish and invertebrates can be found in the Hippocampus tanks.
Bambini e adulti restano affascinati dalle forme bizzarre, i colori sgargianti o i mimetismi assoluti di questi piccoli animali d’acqua.

There is also an entire room dedicated to the giant creatures of the Adriatic Sea featuring full-scale replicas of whales, dolphins, sharks, sunfish and other large vertebrates. 

Planet Earth takes visitors to various historical eras, from the Big Bang to the present day. A real farm houses different animals that once roomed freely in the yard of local farmhouses. The Owl Mill, also known as the realm of birds of prey, reproduces a typical 19th century mill of the Po Delta area. Aviaries inside the mill host Eagle owls, Barn owls, Snowy owls, a Tawny eagle, Lanner and Peregrine falcons, and Harris Buzzards. Trained by the park’s falconers, the birds of prey whizz over visitors’ heads and swoop down on command. 

This year, Oltremare will amaze visitors even more thanks to its latest shows and attractions. From Gabriella Compagnone’s sand art (recreating beautiful landscapes, delicate characters and exciting stories) to the lively L’Isola Chenoncera musical staged by 14 artists, from colourful tropical parrots to fabulous characters who will create Magical Encounters. 

For more information:
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