Your holidays in Umbria: all you need to know for your next stay

The so-called Green Heart of Italy, Umbria is bordered by Tuscany to the west, the Marches to the east and Latium to the south. Its mountainous landscape carpeted with thick woods is complemented by gentle hills and intimate valleys which abound in charming medieval villages.

Perugia, the regional capital, Gubbio and Assisi, the cities of Saint Francis, Spoleto, Orvieto, Todi and Spello are intimate resorts which bear witness to the glorious vicissitudes experienced by the region and cherish inestimable finds dating back to different historical ages which make Umbria a privileged holiday destination for cultural tourists.

Forming an expanse of gentle pastoral countryside and high mountain wilderness, the picturesque region is also well-known for the beauty and profusion of its natural landscapes and lush vegetation. Among the most beautiful natural sceneries is the Marmore's Falls, a man-made waterfall created by the ancient Romans. Divided into three distinct sections, this 160-metre-high waterfall is one of the highest in Europe.

Other important highlights are the region's folk traditions and extraordinary cultural liveliness. The ancient Corsa dei Ceri (Race of the Candles), a religious ceremony which takes place in Gubbio every May 15, and the new Umbria Jazz music review, which takes place every year in Perugia, are able to suit even visitors' most demanding requirements.
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