Hotels Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda, whose name derives from the crystal-clear waters which lap against the coast, is situated in the north-eastern side of the Sardinian coastline, part of the municipalities of Arzachena and Olbia. The famous Sardinian coastal area, one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Europe, is bounded by Cala Liscia di Vacca to the north and the Gulf of Cugnana to the south.

Costa Smeralda juts out into the sea, thus creating a small wind-abraded peninsula featuring an indented coastline. Small and deep coves featuring both granite peaks and sandy beaches and surrounded by numerous islets contribute to preserve the wildness of this natural oasis. The touch with nature becomes even more intense looking at the wonderful crystal-clear sea which gives the surrounding landscape outstanding fascination.

Commissioned in the 60s by Arab Prince Aga Khan, who feel in love with the natural beauties of this area of the Gallura region, Costa Smeralda was designed as a Sardinian bathing establishment and soon became one of the most glamorous and exclusive seaside resorts in Italy.

Porto Cervo, one of the most appreciated towns in the area, is a small and charming village featuring nice houses and scenic hotels and resorts developing around a wide natural bay, the ideal berthing place for pleasure boats. Surronded by a lush Mediterranean scrub, the city centre of Porto Cervo, like that of the other resorts of Costa Smeralda, perfectly integrates with the surrounding landscape.

Opposite Porto Cervo, partially out of Costa Smeralda, is Porto Rotondo, which is often regarded to be a part of it for the similiarities it shares with the nearby resorts. A privileged holiday destination in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is situated between Punta Nuraghe and Punta della Volpe and is provided with an equipped tourist harbour which is able to welcome up to 800 boats.

From north to south, other points of interest are Capriccioli, a renowned seaside resort featuring two beaches of white sand separated by granite cliffs, and Punta Romazzino, characterized by the beauty of its landscape and sea.

Among the most beautiful beaches are Cala di Volpe and Poltu di li Cogghij, better known as Spiaggia del Principe (Beach of the Prince) since it was the favourite beach of the Arab Prince who founded the whole area.

A privileged holiday destination, Costa Smeralda is a jet-setting resort where boutiques jostle with nightclubs, fine restaurants and luxury hotels and an unspoiled natural landscape is able to catch the attention of large numbers of visitors.