Your holidays in Sicily: all you need to know for your next stay

The largest island in Italy, Sicily is situated south in the mainland and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It abounds in historic, artistic and cultural evidences which bear witness to the millenary vicissitudes it has experienced throughout the years. Ancient civilisations left indelible vestiges and architectural and artistic masterpieces which were influenced by the numerous populations who settled here, such as Hellens, Romans, Arabs, Spanish and French, who mingled each other and created the fascinating mosaic of traditions which contributes to give the island utmost profusion.

Enchanting Greek cities, such as Agrigento, Syracuse, Segesta and Selinunte, Taormina and its Greek-Roman temples, the Norman cathedral of Noto, the beautiful mosaics of Piazza Armerina, which were influenced by the North African culture, and the baroque city of Palermo, the regional capital and most important city in the island, make Sicily an open-air museum surrounded by superb landscapes.

The region's lush vegetation overlooking the sea culminates in the high ridges of Mount Etna, which rises a short distance from the sea and the city of Catania and is easily reached through naturalistic excursions aimed at admiring the immense crater of one of the biggest active volcanos in the world.

Popular tourist meccas are the wonderful archipelagos of the Aeolian, Aegadian and Pelagie Islands, unspoiled natural oases where visitors can discover fascinating landscapes and ancient traditions which still mark local inhabitants' everyday life.

Outstanding coastal cities, fascinating inner villages and the beguiling, translucent sea of enchanting seaside resorts give the lovers of both art, history and nature the possibility to spend unforgettable holidays in Sicily.
Food traditions, which are deeply affected by the different populations who settled here, are part of the island's cultural heritage, and so are the fine wines produced in the numerous vineyards of this sunny and fertile region.

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