Your holidays in Valle d'Aosta: all you need to know for your next stay

This small region, situated north west in the Italian peninsula, is characterized by majestic mountains, high pastures and hidden valleys which give way to huge tracts of unspoilt natural landscapes dotted with towns of great beauty which offer a rich and splendid array of artistic pleasures.

The 4.800-metre-high Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, is only one of the impressive Alpine massifs which characterize the surrounding environment. Attractive Alpine valleys headed by the dramatic peaks of Mount Rosa, Cervino and Gran Paradiso provide the setting for the traditional villages and ancient towns around, which are the main gathering place for both local inhabitants and tourists flocking to Valle d'Aosta.

Both in summer and in winter, Valle d'Aosta is a privileged holiday destination for mountain lovers, who flock here to play sport and enjoy relax far from the hectic city life. The lovers of winter sports can take advantage of a wide range of well-equipped facilities to perform both Alpine and cross-country skiing in outstanding resorts, such as Courmayeur, Cervinia, Pila, La Thuile, Gressonnay. Natural excursions, trekking and climbing are appreciated sports activities too, and they are generally performed during summer, when snow thaws giving way to green woods and steep grass slopes.

Because of its strategic position as a borderland, Valle d'Aosta was the seat of important historic vicissitudes which took place when Rome conquered the region and founded Augusta Pretoria, the current Aosta. Both the city itself and the whole of the region still retain historic and artistic evidences of great value dating back to that period and the following ages, such as exquisite palaces, impressive cathedrals and sumptuous castles. The lovers of fun can enjoy pleasant moments or try their luck at the famous Saint-Vincent casino.
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