Hotels Conero Peninsula

The beautiful cliff-edged Conero Peninsula is the only natural feature to disturb the almost unbroken line of beaches along the Adriatic Coast. Situated south of Ancona, it nestles on the slopes of the homonymous Mount Conero. It is a semi-wild area known for a collection of pebbly beaches and sheer cliffs, such as the ones of Portonovo and Sirolo, and for the large sandy beaches of Numana and Marcelli.

The beaches of Portonovo, such as the famous Beach of the Sail, which is named after the impressive sail-shaped rock dominating it, or the Beach of Mezzavalle are ideal places to enjoy crisytal-clear waters, go underwater fishing, dive and listen to the sound of the waves and the twittering of the numerous birds which nest here.
The lovers of open-air holidays will have the possibility to enjoy unspoiled beaches which are just only accessible through rough paths crossing the Park of Mount Conero, intimate bays where they can experience utmost privacy.

Sirolo, one of the most famous resorts in the area and a real paradise for surfers who are attracted by the northwest wind blowing here, hosts the Beach of the Black Pebbles and the well-equipped Beach of San Michele. Its rocky coastline is dominated by impressive cliffs and surrounded by flower-swathed slopes and is easily accessible from the nearby Park of the Republic.

There are also beaches which are accessible by sea only. The hotels situated in the Conero Peninsula provide information about the possibility to hire boats to discover the nearby intimate bays. The unspoiled Beach of the two sisters, which is named after the two impressive twin rocks that rise above the water, can be reached by special boats sailing from the harbours of Numana and Sirolo. The wild Beach of the Gulls in Sirolo is a protected natural oasis to be reached by guided boat excursions only.

Sport lovers flocking to the Conero Peninsula will be spoilt for choice: the luxury 4-star hotels situated here are equipped with swimming pools, gyms and fitness centres and boast panoramic terraces overlooking the sea. The numerous 3-star guesthouses situated in the Conero Peninsula provide information about diving and sports centres where it is possible to hire fishing tackle or equipments to dive or play beach sports.

The Conero Peninsula also suits the needs of families with children and elderly people. Comfortable hotels overlooking the sea of the Conero Peninsula follow one another along the 6-kilometre-long beach of Marcelli. Bathing establishments here are provided with bars, skilled bathing attendants and comfortable car parks. The great variety of fish restaurants and clubs situated along the sea front makes Marcelli the ideal setting for an evening walk.

The nearby beaches of Numana, situated a short distance from the Tourist Harbour, attract large numbers of tourists; among these is the elegant Gigli Beach, surrounded by impressive cliffs. People looking for romantic guesthouses overlooking the Conero Peninsula can stay at one of the numerous accommodation facilities situated in Numana's city centre, which dominates the sea from above.