Porretta Terme

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Among the principal and most ancient treatments, therapies based on thermal water and mud baths are an inestimable heritage. Porretta Terme offers targeted treatments to alleviate different kinds of affections and psychophysical problems through the use of both thermal and sulphur waters and waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide.

Mud baths, vascular paths and aerosols are only some of the treatments which exploit waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide, while sulphur waters are mostly employed in aerosols, humages, direct jet inhalations, ambient inhalations, endotympanic insufflations, politzer, nasal irrigations, micronized nasal showers and steam baths.

Hydrotherapy in Porretta Terme aims at treating the respiratory tract, rhinogenous deafness, the osteoarticular system, gastroenteritis, vascular problems, gynaecologic affections and skin problems.

Treatments in Porretta Terme are carried out under the supervision of skilled medical doctors who are able to give patients precious suggestions concerning the therapies which suit their requirements the most, beyond providing them constant medical treatment.

Porretta Terme also gives guests the opportunity to exploit thermal waters for different purposes. Spa Establishments are provided with Sauna, Turkish bath and thermal swimming pools equipped with hydromassage to let guests enjoy relax while tanning.

Porretta Terme also provides special areas dedicated to hydrotherapy for children.