Hotels Versilia Coast

The Versilia Coast is a Tuscan coastal stretch situated in the province of Lucca which extends from Marina di Massa north up to Viareggio. It has been a renowned seaside resort since the early ‘900, when the first bathing establishments and cafes were built in Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi began welcoming tourists in its narrow urban settlement developing around the Fortress, and won utmost popularity in the 60s, when it experienced a period of economic boom.

That was the golden age of the famous “Capannina” disco of Forte dei Marmi, one of the most glamorous clubs of that period where stars flocked while spending their holidays in the Riviera to let themselves be photographed and show their true character.

Versilia boasts a low and sandy coastline which offers outstanding views over the crystal-clear Tyrrhenian Sea and the first ridges of the Apuan Alps, which dominate the narrow coastal strip with both sweet slopes and impressive peaks.

The small seaside resorts of the Versilia Coast are surrounded by outstanding natural landscapes and are able to suit the requirements of both young people and families with children. Wide and sandy beaches provided with high-quality services, numerous restaurants and gathering places, glamorous clubs and discos give tourists the possibility to enjoy the fascination of the whole Coast.

The most glamorous resort is Forte dei Marmi, situated north just across the border with the province of Massa. It is named after the small Fortress which was built here in the late ‘700 and which today perfectly integrates with the glamorous city centre, the ideal place to spend pleasant seaside holidays in the Versilia Coast.

South is Marina di Pietra Santa, part of the municipality of Pietrasanta which is divided (from north to south) into Le Focette, Motrone, Tonfano and Fiumetto. Besides beautiful beaches and a charming tree-lined avenue dominated by impressive cluster pines, Marina di Pietrasanta hosts Villa la Versiliana, an aristocratic residence built in the late ‘800 and surrounded by a millenary wood. The homonymous festival La Versiliana, a review of theatrical representations, meetings and games which lasts for the whole summer, takes place here.

Just across the southern border with Marina di Pietrasanta is Lido di Camaiore, another charming seaside resort which boasts a three-kilometre-long coastline and wide beaches which are suitable for the bathing of both adults and children thanks to their quiet waters and shallow and sandy shoal.

One of the most appreciated seaside resorts of the Riviera is Viareggio, a renowned seaside resort since the mid ‘800, which every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. In summer, life revolves around the beach, where the modern city centre develops too. Not to be missed is its outstanding sea front, situated next to the sandy shore, which abounds in flowers and high cluster pines and extends for more than 3 kilometres featuring small shops, clubs and gathering places for both adults and children.