Hotels Gargano

The Gargano Peninsula is one of the most appreciated holiday destinations in Apulia for the unspoiled natural landscapes, small medieval villages and thriving folk traditions it cherishes. This rocky spur which juts into the Adriatic Sea boasts crystal-clear sea, both lush gardens and arid lunar landscapes of denuded valleys, charming villages situated on the top of impressive rocks, the natural reserve of Foresta Umbra and large and quiet coastal lakes.


Its beguiling, translucent sea is very popular with holidaymakers from all over Italy and abroad. The narrow coastal strip surrounding the promontory cherishes both sandy and pebbly beaches encircled by sheer cliffs and outstanding natural landscapes.

One of the most appreciated holiday destinations in the Gargano Peninsula is Rodi Garganico, the first seaside resort to be reached crossing the promontory from North to South. Provided with a small centre leaning against a brackish rock and surrounded by a lush vegetation, Rodi Garganico boasts a crystal-clear sea and charming beaches of fine and white sand, as well as an ancient village featuring narrow streets, white houses and a charming atmosphere of bygone times.

Driving on along the coast, tourists will reach Peschici, which overlooks the sea from the top of a sheer cliff and is characterized by white houses and well-equipped sandy beaches alternating with small pebbly coves dominated by sheer cliffs.

Vieste, the easternmost resort in the peninsula, is one of the most appreciated destinations for those flocking to the Gargano Peninsula for the beautiful equipped beaches it hosts and its fascinating old town rich in archaeological finds, medieval patterns and narrow streets which criss-cross up to the highest point of the rock where the ancient settlement lies.

Mattinata is situated on the slopes of Mount Sacro and is one of the most appreciated seaside resorts in the Gargano Peninsula for its white cliffs and the impressive stacks cherished by the bay of Mergoli. Its wild landscape features impressive rocks falling sheer to the sea encircled by small white beaches and mysterious marine caves which make it a wonderful place to spend unforgettable seaside holidays in the Gargano Peninsula.