Concerts and shows

Concerts and shows The Riviera Romagnola is animated by events of all kinds from January to December. Concerts and shows on the Riviera Romagnola bring together music, ballet, theatre and circus lovers. Artists whose talent is known internationally perform in theatres, clubs, piazzas and other locations in the region.

The most popular Italian comedians often tour the theatres on the Riviera. Ravishing the public of the Teatro Novelli in Rimini, the Teatro Comunale in Cesenatico or the Teatro della Regina in Cattolica, are also dance companies and musicals.

Concerts of famous bands and musicians attract fans from all over Italy who can find budget solutions in the offers for concerts and shows on the Riviera Romagnola. Amongst the main venues: the Velvet Club and 105 Stadium in Rimini, or in Ravenna and environs the Teatro Alighieri, Pala De Andrè, Bronson and Rock Planet. The spacious piazzas in the various localities become, in the summer, beautiful settings hosting prestigious events.