Bagno di Romagna

Do you want to spend your thermal holidays in Bagno di Romagna? Stay at one of the hotels in Bagno di Romagna we suggest.

A thermal holiday in Bagno di Romagna gives people the opportunity to enjoy the beneficial effects carried out by its thermal waters which flow through rock formations for up to 600 years before gushing from St. Agnese spring.

Hydrotherapy in Bagno di Romagna exploits the therapeutic properties carried out by hot water to treat otorhinolaryngological affections, bronchitis, circulatory disorders and gynaecologic problems.

The alkaline waters containing sulphur and bicarbonate, those which are low in mineral content, mineral, thermal and hyperthermal waters are employed by the modern Spa Establishments in Bagno di Romagna to treat several affections.
Inhalations, mud-bath treatments, balneotherapy, hydropinic therapy, thermal swimming pools and thermal caves are only some of the treatments carried out in Bagno di Romagna to let guests enjoy energy, health and wellbeing.

Along with traditional treatments, the spa establishments in Bagno di Romagna also provide rehabilitation, massages and electromedical treatments.
A skilled staff of experts and qualified medical doctors provide assistance throughout the therapy.