Discos and nightclubs

Discos and nightclubs Amongst the main attractions for the younger generation, the clubs of the Riviera Romagnola propose a myriad of opportunities for a fun night. From the discos on the hills of Rimini like Byblos, Peter Pan, Cocoricò, Villa delle Rose to those further north like Pineta and the Papeete in Milano Marittima, to the clubs on the beach in the Marano area in Riccione, the Becky Bay in Bellaria or the many kiosks along the beach that in the evening start rocking with music and dance, there’s only the embarrassment of the choice. To enjoy all this, there are many special offers for young night owls that include hotel accommodation and free entrance tickets to most of these clubs.

The hotel offers also take into consideration the particular needs of those who like the night life, like flexible meal times, from breakfast to late dinners.