Hotels Mount Civetta

The Dolomite group of Civetta, whose highest peak is situated at an altitude of 3220 metres above sea level, is situated in the province of Belluno, halfway between Val Zoldana and Val Cordevole. The small villages of Alleghe, Palafavera, Selva di Cadore and the charming Val Zoldana are situated on the slopes of the Civetta district, and are all provided with equipped ski-lift facilities and high-quality tourist services and accommodation facilities.
The intimate and welcoming old town of Alleghe develops around the homonymous lake. Both in summer and in winter, Italian and foreign tourists will have the possibility to enjoy utmost relax  a short distance from the main resorts and facilities of the popular Civetta Ski District. Val Zoldana too, which extends between Mount Civetta and Mount Pelmo, is an appreciated tourist destination of the Civetta district.

The Civetta Ski District gathers 80 kilometres of slopes, that is to say 46 slopes situated at an altitude comprised between 1000 and 2050 metres above sea level, an exciting snow park for skilled snowboarders, several skiing schools, a 3-kilometre-long cross-country trail which extends across Palafavera wood and two ice rinks, situated in Alleghe and Forno di Zoldo respectively. One of the most famous skiing itineraries is the so-called Giro della Grande Guerra (Tour of the Great War), an easily accessible path across Col di Lana which flanks some of the most representative battlefields of World War I.

Both in summer and in winter, it is possible to go for pleasant excursions across Mount Civetta. Zoldo Alto leads to the National Park of Belluno's Dolomites, a fascinating protected area situated between the rivers Cismon and Piave, which is populated by rare species of mountain animals and plants. Expert climbers will have the opportunity to climb the north-western slope of Mount Civetta,  the so-called “rock face of the rock faces”, a 4-kilometre-long vertical rock face featuring an impressive drop of over 1000 metres and very difficult itineraries. Val di Zoldo gathers plenty of charming footpaths and routes with fixed lines and iron steps which are able to suit the requirements of any visitor. Val Zoldana leads to the so-called walk to Pelmetto, which gives visitors the possibility to admire impressive fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Val Zoldana also gathers plenty of mountain bike itineraries, such as the famous Civetta Superbike, which departs from Pecol and develops for 53 kilometres.

Those looking for utmost relax can visit the charming old towns of the hamlets of Val di Zoldo, such as Forno di Zoldo and Zoldo Alto, which are livened up by fascinating folk festivals and  events.