Hotels Chianciano Terme

Are you planning to spend a thermal holiday in Chianciano Terme? Here all the information you need to book a hotel in Chianciano Terme.

The spa establishment of Chianciano Terme provides a wide range of treatments which exploit the beneficial and therapeutic effects carried out by its waters.

Acqua Santa is mostly employed to treat diseases affecting the bilious tract and liver; the anti-inflammatory Acqua Fucoli is suitable to treat the gastroduodenal tract and to stimulate intestinal motility; Acqua Santissima is used to perform inhalations, nasal showers and insufflations thanks to its anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and sedative properties; Acqua Sillene is involved in balneotherapy and the preparation of mud baths.

Chianciano Spa Establishment promotes innovative treatments aimed at increasing wellbeing, improving appearance and providing a new psychophysical balance.

The new Sensorial Spas in Chianciano, situated inside the Thermal Park of Acqua Santa, were created to carry out innovative therapies. Designed according to the principles of naturopathy and energetic fields, the different paths can integrate traditional treatments.

The Purifying Path relieves both body and mind from stress, wrong eating habits and drug abuse.
The Energizing Path strengthens the body, improves resistance and treats insomnia, anxiety and poor states of health.
The Rebalancing Path rebalances body, soul and mind.
The Relaxing Path alleviates muscular tensions involving the skeletal structure and treats stress-related vasomotor and muscle-tensive migraines.