Hotels Recoaro Terme

Do you want to spend a thermal holiday in Recoaro Terme? Display the hotels Recoaro Terme we suggest to find the one which suits your requirements the most and arrange your thermal holiday here.

The spa establishment of Recoaro Terme stands inside a beautiful 250.000-square metre-large park which is situated a short distance from the city centre. Surrounded by a lush vegetation and permeated with the tranquillity of this natural oasis, it offers high-quality treatments.

Hydrotherapy in Recoaro Terme exploits the beneficial properties of mineral and sulphurus waters, as well as of waters containing sodium chloride and iodide which flow out from five different thermal springs: Lelia, Lora, Lorgna, Amara and Nuova.

Among the most appreciated treatments in Recoaro Terme are hydroponic therapy and inhalations, as well as ochre mud baths, carried out through the maceration of inorganic substances resulting in a yellow-reddish pasty compound.

The beneficial effects carried out by thermal waters are employed to treat metabolic disorders, problems involving the urinary system and diseases affecting stomach, liver, kidneys, bilious tract and pancreas.
Among the most appreciated treatments are mud baths, balneotherapy, insufflations, aerosol, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Hydrotherapy is carried out under the supervision of skilled professionals who also provide qualified medical treatment.