Fermo's coastline, seaside resorts

Fermo, the most recent provincial capital of the Marches, gathers plenty of interesting sights which attract both national and international tourists. Every year, art, culture and history attract thousands of visitors who flock to Fermo to explore this important centre which once played a fundamental role as a papal province.

Apart from an inestimable historic-artistic heritage, some resorts are also famous for their privileged position on the Adriatic Sea, which gives those flocking to Fermo the possibility to combine culture with utmost fun on the beach. The most famous coastal resorts are Porto Sant’Elpidio, Porto San Giorgio, Marina di Altidona, Pedaso and Fermo's small hamlets: Lido di Fermo, Casabianca, Lido San Tommaso and Marina Palmense.

Porto Sant’Elpidio, the northernmost seaside resort of the province of Fermo, gathers eight kilometres of compelling beaches which are provided with state-of-the-art services and facilities and well-groomed bathing establishments. Although the old town has developed amidst the nearby hills of the hinterland since its origins, as evidenced by the remains of a necropolis dating back to the X century B.C., the coast and the ancient port have become the heart of the city centre since the Middle Ages. Still today, the coast is the pivotal point of the city; the modern and well-equipped lido still retains the genuine traditions and fascinating atmosphere of an ancient fishing village, since it gathers ancient fishermen's houses, Art-nouveau villas surrounded by well-kept gardens, traditional fish specialities and important historic-artistic palaces which make this seaside resort a privileged holiday destination for those looking for pleasant holidays based on sea, nature and culture in the Marches. The lovers of crafts activities flocking to Porto Sant’Elpidio and the nearby Sant’Elpidio a Mare will also have the opportunity to visit hundreds of footwear companies which still employ ancient manufacturing techniques.

Heading south amidst the thick pinewood forest which flanks the coastline, tourists will reach Fermo's major seaside resorts. The four kilometre-long beach of fine and golden sand of Fermo's coastline develops among Lido San Tommaso, Casabianca and Lido di Fermo, while once past Porto San Giorgio visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy five kilometres of golden beaches at Marina Palmense.  These small resorts, which are situated a short distance from Fermo's city centre, the latter gazing across the countryside from the green hills of the hinterland, boast peculiar features and attractions. One of the most fascinating sights is Torre di Palme, a well-preserved Medieval village which overlooks the coast halfway between Marina Palmense and Porto San Giorgio. Every day, dedicated shuttle buses connect Fermo with the nearby Torre di Palme. During summer evenings, Torre di Palme is livened up by absorbing events, glamorous clubs, amazing entertainment activities and wonderful panoramic terraces.

Porto San Giorgio, the most famous seaside resort of Fermo's coastline, attracts large numbers of elite tourists, since it boasts a charming tourist pier which can host up to 1000 yachts and pleasure boats. Porto San Giorgio is dominated by Rocca Tiepolo, one of the city's most important historical landmarks. Built in the XIII century just in the heart of the ancient harbour, this fortress has recently been turned into an open-air theatre which hosts interesting performances and representations. Glamorous clubs and absorbing cultural activities make Porto San Giorgio a lively seaside resort, the privileged holiday destination for young people flocking to the Marches. The ancient fishing village and the Church of the Suffrage, which were both founded in ‘600, as well as the XIX-century Villa Bonaparte or Pelagallo bear witness to the glorious historical vicissitudes experienced by this beautiful lido. Still today, both fishing activities and tourism are the most important elements of the city's economy. Charming trattorias situated in the heart of narrow streets, folk festivals, such as “festa del mare” (sea festival) in early July, and genuine food and wine traditions based on tasty fish specialities, make Porto San Giorgio a privileged holiday destination.

The southernmost part of Fermo's province hosts Marina di Altidona and Pedaso, quiet seaside resorts which attract large numbers of families. Pedaso boasts small bays, impressive cliffs and large pebbly beaches. Pedaso's beaches are situated within a short driving distance from the old towns of Monterubbiano and Moresco, two of the most picturesque villages of the region, and offer guests the possibility to take part in interesting cultural and folk events.