Lecco: naturalistic itineraries

Sports enthusiasts and the lovers of open-air activities flocking to Lecco will have the possibility to explore charming itineraries and make pleasant excursions amidst charming lakes and mountains, unspoiled landscapes surrounded by enchanting settings and lovely old towns scattered with outstanding monuments and architectural beauties.

Not to be missed is the Natural Park of Mount Barro, a privileged holiday destination which gathers breathtaking settings, fascinating footpaths and important historical and archaeological evidences which bear witness to the glorious vicissitudes experienced by one of the most important provinces in Lombardy.

Mount Barro, which is situated 922 metres above sea level, belongs to the Luganesi Prealps. Surrounded by the enchanting lakes of Como, Annone and Garlate, it contributes to give the surrounding area utmost profusion. The park's protected territory gathers thick woods and grasslands which provide the ideal habitat for over 1000 species of trees and plants, calcareous cliffs and several waterways.

The park is crossed by several footpaths which lead to important tourist highlights, such as Pescate's path, which departs from Pescalina, extends across 3 kilometres of mule tracks and rough paths, flanks the eastern slope of Mount Barro and finally leads to Palazzetto. 

The whole intinerary is dotted with informative panels which provide detailed information on local vegetation and geologic patterns. A short distance from Pescate's city centre is the Sanctuary of St. Michele, an interesting eighteenth-century building which is left unfinished. The lovers of nature won't miss the opportunity to visit Giovanni Fornaciari Botanical Footpath, which snakes across Mount Barro Park and provides a rich habitat for rare species of flowers and plants.

Another appreciated itinerary for the lovers of both nature and history is the so-called strada vecchia (ancient route), a 2-km-long path flanked by ancient beech-trees which develops along the old mule track which connects Galbiate with Mount Barro's Eremo.

The charming resort of Eremo rises about 790 metres above sea level and is one of the park's major attractions. It gathers the ancient church of St. Maria, a XIII-century Gothic building whose interior is embellished by precious frescos, the Visitors' Centre, which provides both informative material and catering services, an Educational Ecological Laboratory, and the so-called Antiquarium, which gathers precious archaeological and historical finds which were discovered during extensive excavation works.

Those interested in archaeology won't miss the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Park of Piani di Barra, a guided tour across the remains of one of the largest Gothic settlements in Italy.
Mount Barro Natural Park also hosts the Ethnographic Museum of Alta Brianza, situated in Camporeso Galbiate, which gives visitors the possibility to discover local usages and customs and genuine peasant and folk traditions.

Sportsmen will have the opportunity to take advantage of tailor-made services and facilities and to explore the charming itineraries of Mount Barro Natural Park.

The whole territory is scattered with mountain biking and riding itineraries, charming paths and ancient mule tracks which give people the possibility to enjoy utmost profusion. The lovers of trekking and free-climbing flocking to Camporeso will have the possibility to take advantage of a modern sports centre which offers climbers detailed information and proper equipments. Several local associations also organize guided tours across the surrounding countryside.  

Gourmets flocking to Lecco will have the possibility to buy delicious local staples, such as oil and honey produced in Mount Barro Natural Park.