Hotels for families in Bellaria: fun and relaxation for children and adults

With its large, safe beaches, its nature parks, the hospitality of the accommodation facilities and centres for sports activities, Bellaria is the ideal resort for families. As well as spending pleasant, relaxing days at the beach, dividing one’s time between sports activities and sunbathing on the beach, families on vacation in Bellaria can take advantage of the green areas of the Parco del Gelso for a picnic out in the open, or for relaxing in the cool shade.
The Parco del Gelso offers different routes divided into theme areas, like the Butterfly Garden, where you can admire a bright coloured vegetation. Those who love hikes, on foot or cycling will find the Sentieri per l’Uso very interesting,  or rather a comfortable cycle-footpath which takes you from the town centre to San Mauro Pascoli.


Prices: Min. € 26 - Max € 63
Hotel Ristoro
Via Dalmazia, 13 - Bellaria
Imagine yourself facing the sea, in Bellaria, one of the liveliest towns across the Adriatic Coast, in a newly built hotel offering the amenities of the best accommodation facilities. Imagine...