Hotels with air conditioning in Bellaria: for a cool and relaxing summer

In the air conditioned rooms of the hotels in Bellaria you can enjoy a cool, regenerating rest. The majority of the rooms and halls in the hotels in Bellaria are air conditioned to offer their guests a cool place at any moment of the day in which to shelter from the intense heat of the summer or, in the winter months, to find comfortable warmth.  The rooms, the lobby and the restaurant all have air conditioning for an ideal temperature both in the winter and in the summer. Guests choosing air conditioned rooms can set the conditioner on the preferred temperature.


Prices: Min. € 26 - Max € 63
Hotel Ristoro
Via Dalmazia, 13 - Bellaria
Imagine yourself facing the sea, in Bellaria, one of the liveliest towns across the Adriatic Coast, in a newly built hotel offering the amenities of the best accommodation facilities. Imagine...