Hotels for children in Bellaria: maximum safety and economy

You’re looking for a location for your vacations which is tailored for children? Bellaria is the ideal place for you. Seven kilometres of beach, with safe and fully equipped beach establishments where your children can have fun while you relax.
You don’t have to worry about reaching restaurants or any other place with pushchairs, bags and toys because everything is close at hand. The cordiality and helpfulness of the hoteliers of Bellaria will help you solve any eventual problems. Hotels, pensions and accommodation facilities offer services and equipment tailored specially for even the smallest children.


Prices: Min. € 26 - Max € 63
Hotel Ristoro
Via Dalmazia, 13 - Bellaria
Imagine yourself facing the sea, in Bellaria, one of the liveliest towns across the Adriatic Coast, in a newly built hotel offering the amenities of the best accommodation facilities. Imagine...