Sea front Riccione

bagni_riccione.jpg How can you find clubs, restaurants and hotels in Riccione? If you do not know the city and you are not familiar with maps and plans you could have some problems in reaching your hotel in Riccione.

A solution is provided by the sea front and the numbers of the bathing establishments, which can be easily seen from the beaches of Riccione and help people find hotels, clubs, streets and squares. 

The number of their bathing establishment helps people understand if they are near the city centre, the Spa Establishment or the Theme parks, or if they are near Rimini or Misano Adriatico. The sea front of Riccione is a long coastal area which does not feature any rock cliff separating the 148 “bathing establishments”.

The portion including bathing establishments no. 1-39 is known as Fontanelle Abissinia and is the southernmost part of Riccione, bordering Misano Adriatico. There aren’t public beaches up to bathing establishments no. 40 and 43. Public beaches are free and do not require the hiring of beach umbrellas and mattresses. Private bathing establishments, on the contrary, are equipped with plenty of beach facilities, but hotels in Riccione are usually provided with special agreements and offer guests special discounts and reduced prices.

The central area of Riccione includes bathing establishments no. 40-77. Some of them host swimming pools, Jacuzzis and vascular paths, such as bathing establishments no. 49 and 50, as well as special events and entertainment activities. 4-star hotels in Riccione offer special packages based on utmost fun and relax. Bathing establishments are provided with special agreements with 3- and 2-star hotels too, and offer guests well-groomed beach facilities. They often arrange beach tennis, beach volley and ping-pong tournaments and offer tourists the possibility to hire pedal boats. Many bathing establishments are also provided with special services and facilities for disabled people, such as bathing establishment no. 60. 

Next to the central area is the Harbour, which includes bathing establishments no. 78-95
. Here is viale Ceccarini, the most elegant and glamorous shopping avenue of the city. A short distance from these beaches are elegant boutiques, cafeterias and clubs. Further down is the Alba area, bathing establishments no. 96-110, which is home to another famous avenue, Viale Dante, a glamorous pedestrian precinct hosting exclusive shops, boutiques and clubs.

A short distance from the centre is the Fogliano area, corresponding to bathing establishment no. 111. It extends up to bathing establishment no. 122A and then gives way to the Marano area, which includes bathing establishments no. 123-148. Bathing establishment no. 148 marks the watershed between Riccione and Rimini. The cities are connected by means of a comfortable cycle path. If you are looking for a hotel situated halfway between Rimini and Riccione, we suggest you should choose this area.