Inexpensive vacations in the pensions of Gabicce Mare

The intimate and reassuring atmosphere that permeates the streets of Gabicce Mare is made even more charming by the many little pensions disseminated along the streets of the centre. The small, family run pensions in Gabicce Mare are the ideal solution for those who travel without much pretence and is looking only to enjoy the typical local warmth. Provided with the basic comforts, they are characterized by small but tastefully decorated rooms, cosy common rooms with armchairs and tables to sit and chat or play cards and delightful gardens where you can sit and contemplate the sea.
The pensions in Gabicce are particularly suited to accommodate groups of elders looking for a quiet place, families with children who wish to spend time away from home without spending too much and groups of friends who are looking for an inexpensive vacation in which to eat well and rest in the quiet,  simple but tasteful rooms after a night out dancing.