Shops and Boutiques

Those interested in browsing around elegant shopping windows will have the possibility to go for long walks along the streets of the old towns of Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica and Milano Marittima.

The lovers of fashion trends, originality and elegance will have the possibility to enjoy utmost fun while going shopping. 


Corso d’Augusto, Via Garibaldi and Via Gambalunga are the most appreciated shopping avenues. They gather plenty of elegant shops which sell garments, footwear and accessories which belong to the best international and Italian brands. Little side streets and smaller squares too cherish well-stocked bookshops, art galleries and original shops and boutiques. Not to be missed is the sea front, whose cheap tourist shops give visitors the possibility to buy elegant items of clothing at affordable prices.

Luisa Boutique
Women's and men's clothing and accessories belonging to the best brands.
Location: Luisa Uomo - Via Gambalunga, 7 / Luisa Donna - Via Gambalunga, 28 - Rimini. Tel. 0541 21569

Benny’S Boutique
This two shops are situated in the city centre and along the sea front respectively. Women's and men's designer clothes, accessories and footwear.
Location: Via Garibaldi, 38 / Viale Vespucci, 30 / Viale Trieste, 13 – Rimini. Tel. 0541 781225

Di Valentina
Situated in a very central position, it sells men's and women's designer footwear.
Location: Corso D’Augusto, 87/89 – Rimini. Tel. 0541 24597

Libreria Riminese
An original bookshop gathering interesting ideas for alternative readings. Essays, works of fiction, illustrations and many more.
Location: Piazzetta Gregorio da Rimini, 13 – Rimini. Tel 0541 26417

Officina and Officina & Work
These two shops, which are situated just in the heart of Rimini's city centre, sell wonderful pieces of furniture for the house and the office.
Location: Via Mentana, 34 / Galleria Mentana, 36 - Rimini. Tel.0541 55914.


Viale Ceccarini and Viale Dante are very popular all over Italy. They are scattered with glamorous shops and boutiques which sell designer clothing, footwear and accessories. Not to be missed are the side streets and the large avenues of the sea front, which gather original furniture shops, perfumer's shops, concept stores, jewelleries and many more.

La Maison
Home furnishings and original gifts are distributed over three different areas, that is to say living, dining and bathing.
Location: Viale Corridoni, 22 – Riccione (RN). Tel. 0541 691603

Swarovski Boutique
The most famous crystals in the world for stylish jewelry and accessories.
Location: Viale Ceccarini, 42 - Riccione (RN.) Tel. 0541 603664

Cucy Cover
This is the right shop for those who want to be elegant even on the beach. Swimsuits, bags, pareus, beach towels and underwear belonging to the best brands.
Location: Viale Corridoni, 4 – Riccione (RN). Tel. 0541 693269

Mai Visto
Vintage clothing and accessories which date back to the period comprised between the 40s and the 80s.
Location: Via Virgilio, 11/F – Riccione (RN). Tel. 0541 691140; 338 1312408

Antonia Boutique
These two shops, which are Riccione's most exclusive boutiques, sell elegant shoes and bags which belong to the best brands.
Location: Antonia: Viale Ceccarini, 61 / Antonia Più: Viale Ceccarini, 57 – Riccione. Tel. 0541 692308/691646

Block 60
This original concept store sells books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and designer accessories, clothing and footwear.
Location: Via Milano, 60 – Riccione (RN). Tel. 0541 1871400


Cattolica, which is the homeland of the popular Ferretti luxury brand, gathers a remarkably wide array of shops and boutiques which sell original home furnishings, clothes, accessories, footwear and many more. The large pedestrian precincts of Viale Dante and Viale Carducci gather lively shops and clubs which are open till late at night, while Viale Mancini and Viale Bovio gather luxury boutiques which sell elegant designer clothing while promoting the latest fashion trends. Not to be missed is "Marina di Cattolica” Basin, which hosts a dazzling array of original shops and stores.

Megastore Benetton
It is a lively meeting place which gives people the possibility to go shopping, read the magazines of Benetton group, sip some coffee and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of its comfortable spaces, which were designed by the architect Franco Vico.
Location: Piazza Nettuno, 1 - Cattolica (RN). Tel. 0541 831719

Ferretti Boutiques
The shop of the most important fashion brand in Cattolica is situated just in the heart of the city's most elegant street.
Location: Via Bovio, 60 – Cattolica (RN). Tel. 0541 953901

Spazio Pritelli
It sells men's and women's clothing and footwear inside the well-kept and comfortable spaces which were designed by the architect Vincenzo de Cotiis.
Location: Piazza Mercato / Via C. Marx - Cattolica (RN) – Italy. Tel. 0541 830544

These two very central stores sell leather shoes and accessories belonging to the best brands.
Location: Via Bovio, 44 / Via Dante – Cattolica (RN) Tel. 0541 833227/963421

Milano Marittima

The traditional holiday destination of elite tourists, VIPs and celebrities, Milano Marittima's city centre gathers glamorous boutiques and trendy shops which sell products belonging to the most prestigious brands. Fashion victims will have the possibility to go shopping even in the evening, since most shops are open till late at night.

Julian Fashion
These three shops sell men's, women's and children's designer clothes and accessories.
Location: Julian men's- Via Matteotti, 23-25 / Julian women's - Via Matteotti, 31 / Julì kids - Viale Romagna, 49 – Milano Marittima (RA). Tel. 0544 992271/994313/994270

Lo scarparo
This historical shop in Milano Marittima sells men's, women's and children's designer footwear.
Location: Viale Matteotti, 42 – Milano Marittima (RA). Tel. 0544 991400

This is one of the most popular boutiques in Milano Marittima which proposes the latest fashion trends.
Location: Viale Romagna, 43 – Milano Marittima (RA). Tel. 0544 995579

Made & Used
Denim and more, the pivotal point of young people looking for the latest fashion trends.
Location: Viale Gramsci, 43 - Milano Marittima (RA). Tel. 0544 995633

Surfing Shop
These two shops are dedicated to the lovers of surfing, wind-surfing, snowboarding, skating and many more.
Location: Rotonda Cadorna, 7 / Viale Gramsci 37 – Milano Marittima (RA). Tel. 0544 993045/995641