Rimini's Beaches

Rimini's beach, which is one of the largest and most fascinating coastal areas along the eastern side of the Italian peninsula, is a wide expanse of fine and golden sand which faces the quiet waters of the Adriatic Sea. These outstanding natural beauties are complemented by the amazing activities and events local bathing attendants arrange year after year in order to attract large numbers of tourists and make them feel at ease.

Family Beaches

Some bathing establishments are provided with special equipment which give children the possibility to play in total safety and their parents the opportunity to enjoy utmost relax. These beaches gather well-equipped nursery huts provided with baby changing units and baby toilets and enclosed baby parks, and give children the possibility to take part in the targeted entertainment programmes and recreational activities which are arranged by the local baby clubs, which are operated by skilled baby sitters who look after little guests while making them play, attend interesting creative labs and perform further educational activities.

Via G. Dati 19/g
Viserba (RN)
Tel.0541 736427

Via Toscanelli
beach no. 10 - Rivabella (RN)
Tel. 0541 732690

La Bussola
Murri Sea Front
beach no. 50 - Rimini Marina Centro
Tel. 0541 386478 / 339 2101312

Bagno 55
Murri Sea Front
beach no. 55 - Rimini Marina Centro
Tel. 0541 388433

Lupi di Mare
Viale Regina Margherita
beaches no. 101/102 - Marebello (RN)
Tel. 0541 375607/374501

Bagni Ricci
Spadazzi Sea Front
beaches no. 142/143 - Miramare (RN)
Tel. 0541 377171 /
338 7413769

Sport and wellbeing on the beach

Both sportsmen and those looking for active holidays in Rimini will have the possibility to choose among a remarkably wide array of sports activities, equipment, lessons and facilities. Rimini's beaches gather well-equipped gyms, fitness courses, water gym and dance lessons, well-groomed sport courts and comfortable wellbeing areas provided with hydromassage swimming pools, massage beds and further services and facilities.

Bagno Elio
Via San Salvador
beaches no. 70/71 - Torre Pedrera (RN)
Tel. 338 2571533

Bagno Egisto
Via Dati
beach no. 38 -Viserba (RN)
Tel. 320 1144453

39 Beach Riders
Murri Sea Front
beach no. 39 - Rimini Marina Centro
Tel. 0541 390690 /
333 6619590

Bagno Gibo
Di Vittorio Sea Front
beach no. 85b - Bellariva (RN)
Tel. 0541 388530/ 386765

Marebello Beach
Viale Regina Margherita beaches no. 104a/104c/105 - Marebello (RN)
Tel. 348 3640344 /
333 2902740

Bagno 124 Mario e Luca
Viale Regina Margherita
beaches no. 124/124a - Rivazzurra (RN)
Tel. 0541 375062 /
339 3222863

Beaches for animals

Those who travel with their dog will have the possibility to enjoy utmost fun and relax in Rimini. The so-called fido beaches in Rimini gather water supply and bowls for animals, waste bag dispensers and used bag receptacle, veterinary services, targeted shower boxes and dedicated beach mattresses. Before you leave, take the lead and vaccine book with you, since they are indispensable to enter these facilities. Those who have large-sized dogs should check whether they are admitted.

Playa Tamarindo Dog Beach
Via Dati, 47e
beach no. 31 - Viserba (RN)
Tel. 0541 734357

Bagno Libeccio e Maestrale
Via Ortegara - Maestrale
San Giuliano Mare (RN)
Tel. 0541 28282

EukaBeach - Bagno Tiki 26
P.le Kennedy
beach no. 26 - Rimini Marina Centro
Tel. 0541 27058 /
333 3710907

Beach 33
Murri Sea Front
beach no. 33 - Rimini Marina Centro
Tel. 0541 380356

Bagno 81 No Problem
Tintori Sea Front
beach no. 81 - Rimini
Tel. 0541 391908 /
339 4494512

Bagno Luciano
Viale Principe di Piemonte
beaches no. 148/148a - Miramare (RN)
Tel. 0541 370818

Public Beaches

Public beaches without beach facilities in Rimini
Torre Pedrera: between Bellaria and bathing establishment no. 76 in Torre Pedrera
Viserbella: between bathing establishments no. 71 and 72; Between Villa Salus and bathing establishment no. 58
Rivabella: next to bathing establishment no. 1
Marebello: between bathing establishments no. 105 and 106
Rivazzurra: between bathing establishments no. 106 and 108; behind bathing establishments no. 109 and 110; between the gardens and the entrance to the bathing establishments.
Miramare: Riminiterme; Between bathing establishments no. 139 and 140.

Public beaches provided with beach facilities (toilets, shower boxes, bathing attendants, entrance footboards)
San Giuliano Mare: from the Basin up to the former bathing establishment no. 10.
Rimini: piazzale Boscovich, near the harbour.
Miramare: from bathing establishment no. 150 up to the thalassotherapeutic establishment; from the Air Force area up to Riccione's city boundary.