Holidays in Riccione

Situated along the ancient Via Flaminia which connected Rimini with Rome, Riccione is one of the most appreciated seaside resorts of the Riviera Romagnola, since it is characterized by a fascinating mixture of successful elements.

Its alluring sea, compelling beaches, lively fun opportunities and strategic position just in the heart of the Adriatic Coast make this small seaside resort a privileged holiday destination.
Riccione's Beach is divided into 140 bathing establishments which follow one another along the sandy coastline; provided with colourful beach umbrellas and mattresses, they welcome thousands of tourists who flock here to enjoy utmost fun and relax. Over the last few years, these bathing establishments, known as “Bagni”, have turned into real beauty centres offering both relax and fun opportunities.

Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, outdoor gyms, proper spaces to perform beach sports, such as beach volley, beach tennis and beach basket, nautical clubs, sailing courses, windsurfing, canoeing, water-skiing and diving facilities, entertainment and fitness centres give tourists the opportunity to enjoy total fun and wellbeing in one of the most glamorous seaside resorts of the Riviera Romagnola.

The beautiful Viale Ceccarini, which connects the old town with the sea front, is Riccione's main promenade and welcomes thousands of visitors every day.

The windows of its trendy shops and glamorous boutiques follow one another along the beautiful tree-lined avenue and mirror the elegance of a city which devoted itself to style and high-quality services while remaining easily accessible.

The renowned fish restaurants situated along the sea front, as well as the intimate trattorias situated in the city centre, offer visitors the possibility to taste local delicacies and fine wines, thus enjoying Riccione's inestimable food and wine tradition.
The local theme parks, which are all situated a short distance from the city centre, are some of the most beautiful and innovative funfairs in Italy.

Aquafan, Imax and Oltremare
gather outstanding fountains, swimming pools, water chutes, dolphin acrobatics and giant screens which are able to entertain both adults and children. Most hotels in Riccione are provided with special agreements with the clubs and funfairs of the Riviera. Among these, luxury 4-star hotels, comfortable 3-star guesthouses and cheap 2-star inns.