Weekend In any season and for whatever occasion you can find a good reason for giving yourself a short break for relaxation, fun and recreation. When you have only a few days to take a break from the daily routine, come and visit us on the Riviera Romagnola to spend a regenerating weekend.
If you like to have fun, you can choose from the vast choice of clubs and discotheques that have a program of events and parties throughout the year where you can dance ‘till dawn. If you’re attracted instead by the cultural side of the Romagna, a weekend will offer the opportunity to visit the most fascinating localities and discover their history and traditions. If you like good food, you can indulge in the most delicious land and sea dishes, for lunch and dinner, all rigorously prepared with local products and traditional. If you’re travelling with the family, a weekend away now and then is a way to enjoy quality time with your children,  taking them on a fun and stimulating experience at the theme parks.
If you can have all this at a reasonable price, you have no excuse for staying at home. Take a look at the special rates offered by the hotels of our portal  and see how much you can save for a weekend on the Riviera Romagnola.