Over 65

Over 65 Because of its characteristics, the Riviera  Romagnola is a very popular holiday destination for the over 65 who find here a variety of services and packages tailored for their needs.

For groups of elders, the offers are more advantageous because of the discounted rates for groups, the courtesy services provided by the hotels, the possibility to take part in the dedicated organized activities and the considerable discounts applied also by the beach establishments. Many offers are instead aimed at elders travelling alone or in couples and can be associated to special arrangements with the spas of the Romagna region such as the Spas in Rimini, Riccione, Punta Marina and Cervia.

The periods in which the holiday offers for over 65s on the Riviera Romagnola are generally in the low season like in the months of May, June and September, when the weather is less hot and the beaches are quieter.