Hotels with pool in Cattolica: cool days in the hotel

If summer is your favourite season because you can get tanned and stay outdoors but you’re not too keen on beaches and the sea and you’re looking for an alternative, you can opt for a hotel with pool. In Cattolica you have an ample choice .
In the many hotels with pool you can spend your time in complete relaxation with the comfort of  your hotel’s services at hand. You can go up to your room and come back to enjoy the sun by the pool in just a few minutes, without wasting time.  To swim and play in the pool in total safety  the hotels in Cattolica with pool provide a bathing attendant service, available most of the day, so also the youngest children can enjoy themselves without worries.


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Cattolica Family Resort
Via Facchini, 12 - Cattolica
Cattolica Family Resort is located in Cattolica, a beautiful seaside resort on the Riviera of the Romagna. The hotel is situated in an excellent location and is equipped with private parking and a...